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Spiral Mixers

Atlas Spiral Dough Mixer Range

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Atlas Spiral Mixers, knead dough completely and effectively!

These 1 through 4 bag Atlas spiral dough mixers are very popular mixers in Bakeries throughout Australia. Heavy duty mixers that are built to deal with the workload of a busy bakery. The Atlas spiral mixers were first introduced into Australia in 1988, and can be found in Pizzerias, restaurants, cafes and lots of catering businesses. The automatic timers make the dough mixer easy to use! The bowl reverse function is helpful to the baker when removing the dough from the bowl. This dough mixer is suitable for all types of dough production. The Altas spiral is a tough reliable mixer!


  • Stainless Steel bowl and rear bowl guard

  • Multi belt driven for easier maintenance and quieter operation

  • Two automatic kneading speeds

  • Two timers to program the working cycle

  • Bowl reverse function

  • All safety system to Australian OH&S standards

  • Mounted on caster and lockdown bolts

  • Strong and reliable


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